Musical Night “Agni musical group with Navin” was huge success

Audiences really enjoyed with Agni’s rocking performance and Navin’s flute miracle action. This is about the greatest music concert that I’ve ever enjoyed. Beautiful music, beautiful performance. I recommend highly. Entire Agni group performed so well that you must to sit back and let the music flow all around you from Tamil Bc videos. Well worth owning.

Tamil Bc Media believes it is one of the best instrumental performances of many beautiful songs in many years. Navin’s flute playing is flawless and the choice of film music is outstanding. Navin provides a commendable model, and developing flutists will be especially attracted to ‘The Hollywood Flute’. In a versatile and distinguished career as one of the world’s leading concert performers, South Indian flutist Navin Iyer has become one of the most skillful and creative muses for composers of our time. Critics uniquely note his “strength, beauty, a captivating and seductive force, sensitivity, perfection and a sense of humor.”

Navin combines his exceptional musical talent with his passion for scholarship and his musical achievements have resulted in many awards and accolades for his concerts and discography. Navin first leapt to international attention winning the Uthayan International Award Festival’s award in Canada that was held on March 10, 2018 at Metropolitan Center, which will be led to invitations to perform throughout the world. Navin rocks concert, which saw the crowd groove to the Uthayan International Award winner’s popular, was proof that music trumps all language barriers. In my Judgment, Navin is considered the leading exponent of classical Indian flute music. The founder of Agni Sylvia Francis interviewed Navin on the stage asking question about his performance with different music composers including AR Rahman Sir.

Navin said he is presenting pieces that have been composed by himself and other members of the music directors. When Sylvia inquired about his experience in the music industry. Navin said he has been performing for more than 20 years. At what age did you start learning music and was it on the flute. Navin’s answer was he was initiated into the world of music at the tender age of four, when he was found to have responded to music vigorously. His father, who was his first teacher, taught him music more or less like a language. He had intense training beginning from my age of five. Navin was the first professional musician in his family though his father was an amateur flautist. He had a profound knowledge in music.

Because of a lack of opportunities then, his father could not make music as his profession. He learned the flute merely by observing his father playing it at home and he had no teachers for the flute. However, as is the tradition, he pursued learning vocal music from legendary vocalists from age four and in both genres of music from India. Tamil Bc asked Navin: “Do you think it is important to explore other musical cultures?” Navin said it is extremely important for musicians to learn about other music cultures and to interact with musicians from around the world. There’s always something new to learn and incorporate in one’s own genre of music. It’s also a chance to share the rich tradition of Indian music.

Honorable Jay Nair attended as a special guest. Navin was honoured by many business leaders and professionals including Jay Nair, Vasuthevan Rajalingam, Parasakthy Vinayagamoorthy, Shankar Nallathamby, Thana Manikkavasagar and Ketha Nada. Agni Ralph Francis director/ keyboardist was honored, recognized and appreciated by Navin for his exemplary musical performance. Swetha Anand’s music school provided a group of dancers who performed excellent performance for beautiful songs. Special thanks to Ravi Atchuthan performance. That was so powerful and wonderful performance. Congratulations to all.

Sylvia Francis- founder/ MC
Agni Ralph Francis director/ keyboardist
Agni Sherwin Selva – drummer
Agni Shree- Mirdangist/ Tablist
Agni Sugi- drum paddist
Agni Sunilji- guitarist
Sruthi Balamurali – violinist/ flutist
Mahthesh Sivanendiran- mirdangist/ tablist laxen dhushi- drummer/ drum paddist
Singers: Sarika, Shruthika, Ramya, Sharmila, Mathusha, Suresh, Raj, Pratik, Abhiramy, Mayurathi Thevathas, Nemia, Kany
Eesha creations k2b – dance school
Swetha Anand Dance school